Implicature Analysis of Milk Advertising


  • Muhammad Mustafa Aqil IAIN Syekh Nurjati Cirebon Cirebon City, Indonesia



Analysis, Advertisement of Milk, Implicature


This study aims to describe the types of implicatures contained in milk advertisements. This type of research is descriptive qualitative. The data collection method used in this study is the listening method with basic techniques as the basic technique. The free engagement listening technique can be used as an advanced technique. Note-taking techniques are also used in transcribing speech. To test the validity of the data, this study used the method of increasing persistence and using reference materials. The data that has been collected will be analyzed using a pragmatic equivalent technique using a determinant element sorting technique which has a research tool in the form of sorting power which is useful for differentiating reactions and hearing levels. From the results of the analysis the authors found more types of unconventional implicature, because the statements conveyed are not general in nature. The type of advertisement that is displayed has a conversation that only one speaker understands and that is a creative form of the advertisement that is presented. The advertisement does not seem boring and makes the audience curious. This research also has implications for the business of selecting attractive words in advertising.


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